The End of
Muscle & Joint Pain

21 Personalized At-Home Posture Therapy Sessions:
Once Completed, Will End Your Muscle & Joint Pain. Guaranteed.

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The PTX Secret

Are you tired of your pain? Are you tired of taking pain meds and worrying about surgery? The PTX therapeutic approach is hands down the easiest and most effective solution available for getting rid of pain and teaching yourself how to stay in control of your physical health. Sound too good to be true? PTX uses a patented AI delivery system to teach you the exact way to end your pain remotely, at home. Your musculoskeletal pain is caused by your crooked posture, which can’t be fixed by just trying to stand up straight. When you gently and correctly retrain your muscles to correct your posture, your pain will go away. The underlying cause of almost all musculoskeletal pain is misaligned joint position resulting from muscle imbalances. PTX corrects it. That’s the secret.

Our Patented PTX Therapy is the only technology that is guaranteed to end muscle and joint pain.

It's unique-to-you, it's safe, and it works.

PTX is a self-administered, science-backed, and safe program that targets the real cause of your pain.

Fix Your Pain?
Fix Your Posture.

Our easy-to-follow program is based on decades of research and clinical success. We apply therapeutic exercise in a highly individualized way that is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Since our therapy is digitally delivered, you can get pain free at home, at the office, or anywhere you can take your smart phone.

  1. Take Your Assessment
  2. Follow Your Routine
  3. Watch Your Pain Go Away 

Receive encouragement along the way, and as you submit your weekly progress, you’ll receive follow-up routines that continue to improve your posture and pain. We’ve done the work so you can get better fast. 

Our 10 Session Guarantee: If you follow your personalized PTX Therapy Exercise Protocol for 10 Sessions within the first 90 days, and you are not happy with your progress (for any reason), we will refund your subscription 100% at your request. No questions asked.

With PTX Therapy


Came off pain meds within a few weeks


Experienced symptom improvement in the first routine


Recommend PTX to family and friends for pain relief