PTX for Providers

The PTX Refer program offers healthcare providers and their patients a powerful solution for continuation of care. Our AI-delivered virtual therapy service can be used to complement your existing practice and ensure every patient continues their journey to better health.

Improve Patient Care

We built the PTX platform with advanced AI and cutting-edge medical science, but what we created was more than technology. We created a way for your clinic to prosper by providing cutting-edge continuing care for your current and former patients.

Increase Revenue

For Physicians

For Physical Therapists

Virtual Therapy Made Simple

For All Providers

PTX Refer offers exceptional one-of-a-kind telehealth resources for providers and their patients. Easily integrate virtual therapy services and add an additional revenue stream to your practice with PTX Refer. We are pleased to welcome you to the PTX Professionals Community!


Refer Your Current and Former Patients

PTX Makes It Easy

The PTX Refer App provides a simple way to refer patients into the PTX Community for continuing care.

You’ll get paid for every patient who signs up under your affiliate link.

Send your personal referral link automatically via text or email with one click in the PTX Refer App.

The Future of Healthcare Begins Today

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Whether you are a sports therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or physician, PTX Refer is designed with you in mind.