Why PTX?

The body functions in patterns, especially the nervous system. When you’ve done a movement that the body did not enjoy it will stimulate a pain sensation.
If this movement is done repetitively the body will bank the memory and reflect it as normal. Unfortunately it stays an unpleasant sensation to you.If we can compare your body to a computer it means that we need to go and delete the patterns that generate the pain and then we have to reprogram the nervous system.None of the above is a quick fix.
If you want to lose weight you need to either start exercising or eat right?
Repetitive training or repetitive eating the right way will give you results, One or two sessions in the gym, or one or two correct meals are not going to do the job. Physical therapy works on the same principal.When we get rid of your pain(When we delete your pain pattern), we need to reprogram the nervous system.PTX (Physical therapy X) Empowering movementWe can :
  1.  Relieve your pain to some extend = Physical therapy
  2. Teach you to move the body in the correct way( Strengthen your body) = Physical therapy
  3.  X = you = need to continue to move the body in the correct way.
The above recipe will give you results.I’m so confident to say that if we can’t fix/help you , you need some form of surgical intervention.