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Tempotip design

Tempotip is flat base with a low center of gravity that can tilt from side to side . Its designed this way to give a user biofeedback of his stance, positioning, movements, weight shift and to keep the activity as close as possible to the real McCoy ! Its assists to give the user an effortless rhythm and momentum during the activity. Tempotip has a grid design on the tilting base! It has a non-slip design for the placement of your feet! The width and length is designed to accommodate any stance( narrow or wide base)( small feet or large feet). The Tilting base width is designed so that a user can easily find midway between his left and right foot and have a 50/50 weight bear.
How to use Tempotip
1. Step onto the product with your feet evenly distributed from the base! Stand similar to your stance in the sport you play!
2. Use only your hands for a start and slowly start doing the sporting motion by rocking forwards and backwards on the product.
3. Try get a flow and rhythm when rocking forwards and backwards.
4. Try and press the feet into the ground when rocking to the side that touches the ground! Picture you stand on a sponge with water in it and you want to press the water out of the sponge when stepping( press down)
5. Now add your ball, club, bat or racket and swing at 50-60% and keep the rhythm! Still only do air swinging and don't throw or hit the ball yet.
6. If the product twist during motion it gives you biofeedback that you transfer weight to slowly( You spend to much time on base of the product and wasting energy! Concentrate to press down from the one foot to the other
9. Air swinging or throwing can be done and one should first master the feel and continue with that before adding a ball to the motion.
10. To break a poor habit one should do 10 000 repetitions before the bodies proprioceptors will accept the NEW FEEL.
11. If you are comfortable add a ball and start hitting, throwing ball during the motion
12. After the rocking your foot should have pressed down already when making contact with the ball
Advantages of Tempotip
1. It gives you feedback of your weight distribution during stance(50/50). (60/40) ect
2. It creates an analogous FEEL to the correct movement.
3. It assists by directing the bodies motion in gaining momentum and power behind the ball
4. It assists by allowing you to push down into the ground and increase the ground reaction force( newtons 3rd law)
5. It assists by starting a motion and transferring forces in the right direction from the one foot to the other that will produce a cleaner HIT
6. It assists by helping you to do movements effortlessly as you gain the feel of correct motion!
7. It assists by making sure your weight is shifted to the front foot during impact of the ball
8. If the product twists during the swing your weight shift is too slow
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